Sleep Cycle heart rate App Reviews

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Heart rate

I love the Northcube AB apps!! Very accurate and fun, interesting information !

Doesnt works

This app sucks. I tried many time to track my heart rate, without getting any correct measure. It takes so much time fort nothing. The worst app downloaded EVER

Fonctionne mais inutile

Fonctionne très bien. Rigolo mais inutile ^^


Please add automatically integration into the Health-App! Works well though

Worst app ever!

Even 1.99 is too much to pay for this app. Almost impossible to actually get it to read our heart rate. Dont waste your time!


I have a heart disease and thought this app would be useful but it will not read a heart rate thats higher than 67bpm. So frustrating!


Gives the info as is


Funktioniert einewandfrei.


If you are not completely still it is impossible to get a reading. Good luck when you are exercising..


Not only do you have to be absolutely still. The heart rate is not only imprecise but also way too low. I regret paying $1.99 for it...

Very good App!

It does everything it should. I cross checked it with a normal heart rate meter and its ok!

Cant get it to read correctly

Have switched to Withings for heart rate. Cant get this app to measure my heart rate, even when I am still.

Not working!!!

Couldnt get it to work. Another app I got for free works better.

Not working on iPhone 4s

Description states that this app is optimised for iPhones 5, 6 and 6 plus. It doesnt state that it isnt working on a 4s. I want a refund!

New and Greatly Improved

This app now it works very well. They have upgraded before it would read your heartbeat 1 out of 4. Now it will read your heartbeat every time. Great App easy to use it now definitely deserves five stars.

Best measuring app ever

to prove your heart rate. Works perfectly just with the LED light and your camera in your iPhone. The first time I had test the app, I was totally confused and wondering how good it works. Use all apps from this company every day. Top top top top Dear Developers, thank you so much for this apps, please go on with this. Regards

Wont run

Waste of time! App keeps telling me my device requires a camera for the app to function!! This is frustrating because my iPhone has a perfectly functioning camera of course.

Very precise

Very precise


Fun, easy to use.

Fast and quite accurate

Just dont move your finger while it is calibrating, and the app measures your heart rate fast and quite accurately

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